Friday, 30 September 2016

Current Skincare Regime to Combat Dryness & Aging

It seems that no matter how much water i drink it doesn't hydrate my skin as much as it should. I'm getting to that age now where dry skin has become an issue and wrinkles are on the horizon. Not only that but the drier my skin the more prone to breakouts I am.

After getting some great advice from the therapist at Miss Fox, trialing some products, ordering some more from Adore Beauty this is my current regime to enhance moisture, tackle breakouts, target fine lines and burgeoning wrinkles and plump up my skin as best i can without resorting to treatments or injectables.

I bought this on a whim and though it's not amazing nor is it bad it's the smell i'm addicted to. It does the job, that's all that matters.
Aspect's Extreme B17 was recommended to me at Miss Fox and holy crap, I can't live without this now. It is incredible stuff for boosting moisture.

Though I can take or leave this it has helped in noticeably fading my pigmentation. Though it would take hardcore intervention to eradicate the majority of it.

By faaar my favorite over-the-counter daily moisturiser. In fact, i don't find the need for a big brand moisturiser when using this. My skin loves this stuff and it leaves it looking fresh and dewy.

Bought this on a whim after over a year of using Neutrogena's Anti Wrinkle night cream and I much prefer this. So far so good!

To be honest i don't think this stuff does anything. I just use it because it's fascinating to see how much oil comes out. So gross.

I don't love it and don't hate it but I won't be buying it again. I will go back to using the tried and true combination of Dermalogica's Gentle Cream Exfoliant (SO good) and their Skin Hydrating Mask. A combination that does wonders.


  1. I have nothing meaningful to add except... I am glad I've finally found your blog.

    Humble apologies for it taking so long.

    SSG xxx

    1. Hehe, no problem! I did kind of start it so i could read and comment on other people's blogs without seeming like too much of a weirdo.