Sunday, 28 August 2016

Not a baby anymore: Summer wardrobe

It seems we've reached that age in childhood with the Little One where clothes have become practical and utilitarian with more of a focus on not impeding movement rather than looking cute, quirky and pretty.

I can't lie i had a lot of fun dressing her when she was just a nugget in the cutest of get-ups. It was one of my favorite things getting to live out that fantasy of having a real life doll to dress up and show off.

Now it's all about running, jumping, swimming, cycling, hanging upside down on the monkey bars which means pretty dresses have mostly been relegated to special occasions or dress ups.

I started compiling her Summer Wardrobe List over the weekend and with the weather already turning and her complaining about being "too hot" plus a few items in her wardrobe getting shabby I felt I better get a wriggle on.

Country Road seem to be doing good things this season. They always seem to be on the money when it comes to childrenswear even if their womenswear leaves a lot to be desired!

T-shirts: Petit Bateau; Sweater: Witchery Kids; Denim Shorts: Country Road; Romper: Zimmermann; Navy Shorts: Witchery Kids; Bikini: Petit Bateau; Dress: Cotton On Kids; Glitter Espadrilles: Country Road; Canvas Slip-ons: Walnut Melbourne; Navy sandals: from Alex & Alexa; Trainers: Lacoste.

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