Saturday, 15 October 2016

Spring Uniform

Can't say i've been very adventurous for spring. The weather certainly hasn't been inspiring. Seriously cold weather, rain, with patches of sun. The weather is absolutely all over the place. There's a reason why spring is my least favorite season and this is it. And the wind, oh the wind! My least favorite aspect of spring!

The Little One asked me on our way to kinder why the weather was so all over the place. I tried to make it sound really magical and explained that the wind blew the seeds and the sun and rain provided the perfect conditions in which they could germinate. So basically i embellished to cover Spring's ass.

Anyway, this is what i've basically been living in.

Outfit 1.

J. Crew sweater, Danni Minogue Petites for Target, Country Road pants, Manolo Blahnik lepoard flats (for illustrative purposes only - mine are Michael Kors)

Outfit 2.


J. Crew long sleeved cotton t, Country Road pants, Walnut canvas slip-on sneakers

I am pretty much obsessed with these Country Road pants. They are seriously comfy and hit right where i want at the ankle. They're the 'Side Pocket Sateen Jean'. I plan on buying a few more especially in white, black and charcoal.

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