Monday, 31 October 2016


"I wish it could be Halloween every day!" the Little One said to me when it was all over, her loot spread all over the living room rug. 33 treats in total.

Since she was 2 we've tried to embrace Halloween. Having been a fan of anything spooky and scary from a young age. Though she's finally growing out of that now. This year she asked to be "A Witch's Black Cat." This was the only photo i managed to snap before my phone died.

This year the local "village" near her dad's put on an event for the littlies hosted by the local independent children's bookstore The Little Bookroom.

Was gorgeous seeing all the kiddos dressed up and following the trail from the local cafe and bike shop up to the independent toy store popping into all the shops they usually shop in or walk past, bumping into familiar locals. Along the way they picked up a mini horn for their bikes from the bike shop, spider cupcakes from the bakery, glow in the dark bands from the bookstore, mixed lollies from the convenience store, etc.

When the event concluded we rescued her dad from work and went trick or treating in the streets. All the houses that were participating were decked out in fake cobwebs, skeletons, spiders, or had signs letting people know there were treats inside. We only did two streets before she complained of her bucket being too heavy to carry. I think I counted around 150 kids and that was just in 2 streets! It was a phenomenal turnout. The costume standouts were a mini Donald Trump with his own wall, a mini Darth Vader, and a zombie surgeon covered in blood.

In the week leading up to Halloween we prepared each night by settling in to watch old episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? on youtube. Though they seemed to be more sedative than scary as she fell asleep during every episode!

After dinner I read to her the books we picked up at the bookstore. First up was 'What do Werewolves Do When It's Not Halloween' by a local author. Then we finished with a few pages from this irresistible edition of 'Picnic At Hanging Rock'.

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