Monday, 27 June 2016

What do you mean there are no uniforms?!

For some reason in the inner north they don't like their kids wearing school uniforms. It seems to be a bit of a thing. Since Little One is headed off to the local public school next year and not say, the local Catholic school, there will be no uniforms.


Believe me, I fought with my ex long and hard on this one. It seems to be the only thing we fight about these days but he won out. I think it's important to note he's not the one stuck doing her laundry so uniform played no part in his decision.

So what the hell do you dress kids in if they have no uniform? I see what other kids in the area wear at another local non-uniformed public school and it seems to be a melange of whatever they can grab in the morning. Part op-shop, part Target, part sportingwear store. It's a bit of a missmatched wtf.

I guess my point in detailing this is that I don't want to have to think in the mornings. I don't want to have to put together an "outfit". I just want the obvious choices to go togeher. I want a school capsule wardrobe, if you will. Easy to wash, easy to mix and match depending on weather. Neat, appropriate, sunsafe, play appropriate.

After a long hard search through everything from Target to Pumpkin Patch, GAP to J Crew till i found the uniform section on Old Navy. For the love of skorts haaaaaalelujah! They ship to Australia and everything. Happy days!


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