Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Things I still need for my apartment. Finding the perfect items

We moved into our apartment nearly 6 months ago and slowly, slowly i've been putting the peices together to my taste. A lot of our old furniture was either not my style or was never going to translate so they were given to my younger brother. I was without a sofa for a few weeks because i couldn't decide on the one i wanted. An armchair was ordered then sent back when i realised i didn't LOVE it.

There are a few things i'm not totally happy about. The large rug in the living area for starters. But since the Little One is still at that age where accidents happen (cookies, paint, etc) I went with a huge, poly $200 rug which, while I don't haaaate it, it's not my forever rug.

There are a few items left I have to find/buy. And they have to be my idea of 'perfect' or else i know it'll drive me crazy.

They are ...

The perfect armchair

Armchair by Bent Design Studio from Huset
Showood Arm Chair by Parker Furniture

Chess Table

Antqiue chess table from 1stdibs.com

Dining Chairs

These need to be fabric. But what color? And what style??

Hall Rug

Happy to go with IKEA. But which?

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