Monday, 18 July 2016

The Car List

It's probably no secret I don't drive. I don't even have my licence. Which might seem pretty odd considering I have a child and, well, isn't a car pretty much essential for toting around crap? Well, yes and no.

This year i've sort of constructed my life around the fact i don't have a car. I found an apartment one street away from Little One's kinder that's also 5 mins away from the local train station. 10 mins walk to the good deli, 2 mins to the local milk bar, 4 mins to the tiny supermarket that stocks all the essentials (even fresh almond milk!) To go anywhere else I just taxi it.

But the Little One is off to school next year and I really don't think i can be bothered hauling my butt to the bus stop each morning to catch the only bus that leaves every 30 mins.

So i've been secretly saving my pennies for a car. I still have no idea what I want but here are the contenders from $ to $$$.

Kia Picanto

Hyundai i30
VW Golf Cabriolet
Mercedes-Benz A200
Volvo V40
Mercedes Benz GLA

I feel like in my heart it's out of the teeny tiny Kia (they have great aftercare and servicing) and the A200 because, well, it's so preettttttyyyyy inside. How people even decide on a car is beyond me. There are so many options out there


  1. I once heard a phrase that resonated, regarding cars: "buy the cheapest car your ego will let you get away with".
    I am on a good wage and drive a hyundai i30. I do quite a bit of driving. It's meh but it does the job.
    The other thing is that cars are a depreciating asset. And also, dings. If you are just learning to drive, you might have a few of them.
    Also euro cars are super expensive to service.
    Put the extra $ on a home deposit.

    1. I am inclined to agree with you! Cars are very much a luxury. I've run the numbers and upkeep/potential dings etc SO expensive. And especially in the inner city. The only thing that makes me more inclined to go with a luxury car (which i'm still on the fence about) is i'll be stuck inside it for a very long time ... in traffic. Sigh!

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